Thursday, 9 August 2007

Coping with lifes twists and turns over 50 years

Hi there, my name is Alan Moyes and I have for some time put together my thoughts about life and how I have seen it over my life. I would like if you will allow it for me to share these thoughts with you.

I am 67 having reached that just a few days ago and have seen many changes in my life as I am sure you can imagine. About ten years ago having been interested in energies for most of my life I became an 'Energy Therapist' using both natural and magnetic energies to help people. It was through this work that I decided to put this review together as I studied people and life.
Now I do not want to bore you so I have taken a page out of the writings looking at the end of the day.

A long hard day at the office or whatever it is you do, your body aches, you are, to put it mildly, feeling knackered. You've had your meal and then sat in front of the boring TV because there was nothing else you felt like doing. Now it is time fo bed, but when you get there are you going to sleep? Are you going to get the rest you need? Sometimes you can be so tired yet so tensed up you just can't sleep.

Oh! I see you are all screwed up, you can feel the tension at the back of the neck. O.K. let us see what we can do to improve that. Go on, run the bath, not too hot, just nice to relax in. Now have you got some nice relaxing oil to add. If you have put some in and lets have some nice relaxing bubbles. now can you put on some nice relaxing music, I said nice relaxing music, do you have one of those 'NICE' relaxing CD's that are about?
Put it on just loud enough so that you will just be able to hear it as it very gently plays in the background, while you are in th e bath. Good, go on then put it on. Do you have a nice clean warm soft towel handy?
Now strip off and climb in, a quick wash over. Done? NOW LIE BACK. Can you hear the gentle music playing? Now concentrate on it, let it clear your mind of everything else. Forget that thought, let it drift away, listen to the music and close your eyes, but do not go to sleep. What colours do you see, what picture do you see?
Oh! dear, can't see anything, so tensed up, mind always busy, try this.
Concentrate, and try to imagine you are lying in a gentle stream that is washing away all yourwoes and worries, aches and pains. You can see the bright blue sky above you, little white billowy clouds, the birds flying around as you gently relax and unwind. As you just lie there in thee stream, your head on a soft rock, the gentle water rippling by relaxing that tired body, the nice green banks, that fresh 'clean air scent' all around you. Now as you gently relax, your mind still, are the colours you see now bright and clear. yes, good keep that picture in mind as you relax and enjoy the feeling.
Oh! the answer was no, OK put your mind back on that blue sky, relax, can you still hear that gentle music?
What is it playing?
Let it create a nice picture in your mind to help you relax, feel the body ease, and all the aches and pains just flow away as you slowly sink into this gentle picture created by the music that you can now see and hear in your mind and your minds eye. Where has it taken you? Somewhere nice and warm and relaxing, perhaps the memory of the music has taken you intto the warm and friendly arms of a lover, whatever it does not matter just relax. You are in your bath, peaceful and quiet, let your mind drift as long as it is relaxing and enjoyable.
Now do you feel all relaxed and at ease, ready for these nice clean sheets on the bed that are going to take you into that nice deep relaxing sleep. O.K. so slowly get up out of the water, slowly now, and using that nice dry warm towel wrap yourself up and very gently dry yourself all over. Be gentle with yourself, pamper yourself, man or woman it does not matter, we all suffer from the strains of life so yes, pampar yourself.
Learnto love yourself, it is very sad that we have been brought up unable to love and care for ourselves. It is not wrong, loving yourself is not a selfish thing to do. Love yourself and treat other people as you would want to be treated, with love and understanding.
If more people did this the world would change and all those in it would change.
Always remember what you give out comes back to you.
Goodnight. May love be with you always.